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About the Calera Police Department

The Calera Police Department employs 43 people with 32 full-time sworn police officers, 6 full-time dispatchers, 2 part-time dispatchers, 1 full-time jailer, 1 full-time records clerks and 1 victims’ services advocate. The department handles over 30,000 calls for service and averages over 800 arrests, 550 traffic wrecks and over 600 case investigations per year. 
The Calera Police Department is housed at two separate locations. The main office houses administrations, the patrol division, dispatch and the Jail. The main office is located at 10947 Hwy 25, which is on the corner of Hwy 25 and 10th Street. Our Records and Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is located at 1070 10th Street, which is just past the main office on 10th Street. 
      Main Office Records & CID
                            205-668-3505                                                          205-668-3889

main police officerecords and CID

The Calera Police Department operates some of the newest and most advance police vehicles in law enforcement. The new Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility are both a 365 horse powered all-wheel-drive police cruiser. These vehicles are equipped with a supercharged V-6 engine that helps conserve fuel use during normal patrol, yet have the necessary horsepower and gearing ratio of any modern sports car.

police carpolice suv

Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to help combat crime and to allow our officers to be more efficient and productive. Units are equipped with the equipment consoles, containing digital police radios, switch-banks, docking stations and radar units. All vehicles are equipped with Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). The MDT is used to take reports out in the field; provide vehicle and driver’s license information; provide mapping system with vehicle placement and driving direction to calls for service and to provide Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) link directly to our dispatch center and to the Shelby County 911 center. In addition, Driver’s licenses readers are attached to the MDT to auto populate driver information directly into the E-Citation program on the MDT. With the clicks of a few menu buttons, the officer can print citations directly from the MDT’s thermal printer, which reduces the amount of time necessary to hold a violator on a traffic stop. Digital HD video cameras provide documentation and evidence used in court. All new vehicles are equipped with back-up cameras, Bluetooth and Ford Sync, which increases safety by allowing for hands free voice commands and phone use.   

car insidecar inside

Yes, crimes do take place deep in the woods, swamps and in other areas not easily accessible by normal patrol vehicles. This is why we also maintain Special Response Vehicles like the military Humvee, obtained through state programs. These vehicles were most recently used in the 2014 winter storm and have since been used on several criminal investigations without access roads. In addition, the department owns and operates various All-Terrain-Vehicles and waterborne equipment.  

police hummerpolice training

The Calera Police Department operates its own firing range and up-to-date training facilities. The police department conducts firearms training a minimum of four times per year. The training will include APOSTC qualifications, night or low light qualifications; scenario based training and combat or active shooter training. In addition to firearms training, the department will conduct in-house training on defensive tactics, Taser, legal updates, vehicle operations, domestic violence and other law enforcement related topics. 

Firing Rangepolice classroom