Leaf & Brush Collection

Request a pick-up

Please click here to request a brush pickup. 

Items Collected

  • Limbs, brush, and trees must be stacked or positioned so that all trunk ends will be to the street side. Brush should be no more than one pickup truck.
  • Leaves, pine straw, and clippings will be picked up upon request (must be in bags or boxes). Please click here to request a brush pickup. 

Items Not Collected

  • All work done by contractors, which generates trash and debris, must be removed by the contractor. If trees are taken down by a contractor they must remove all debris including tree tops.
  • Animal waste, toxic substances, explosives, live ammunition, or other dangerous materials will not be collected.
  • Debris from property that is cleared will not be collected.
  • Furniture will not be collected. Charitable organizations will usually pick up furniture.
  • Liquid paint and other flammable liquids will not be collected. Paint cans with dried paint will be picked up provided the lids are removed.
  • Plumbing fixtures and appliances will not be collected.
  • Tires will not be collected.

In the event of natural disaster this policy can be modified to address the immediate needs of the city.