Excess Flow Valve Notification

Beginning April 14, 2017 the City of Calera Natural Gas is required to comply with Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations as set forth in 49 CFR, Part 192.383 Excess flow valve (EFV) installation.

Requesting an EFV

  1. Section 192.383 requires gas systems to notify customers of their right to request an EFV to be installed on the natural gas service line to your meter. Upon request, we will install an EFV meeting the performance standards set forth in Section 192.381 EFV performance standards. EFV’s cannot be installed on some service lines due to high gas flow, low pressure or other factors. If you request an EFV we will inform you if your service line cannot accommodate an EFV. Most residential and small commercial customers will be eligible.
  2. If you request an EFV to be installed on your existing gas service line, and the gas load does not exceed 1,000 SCFH, you the customer will be responsible for all costs associated with the installation, and any future replacement of the EFV if your gas load increases.
  3. The cost of installation must be paid in advance in the amount of $ 750.00.
  4. If you notify us that you are requesting an EFV, we will contact you to set up a mutually agreeable date to install an EFV.

Safety Benefits and Description of EFV

  • An EFV is a mechanical shut-off device that can be installed in the natural gas service line that serves your gas meter.
  • An EFV is designed to shut off or minimize the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line is inadvertently dug into by a home owner or contractor during excavation. Shutting off or minimizing the flow of natural gas from a broken service line may decrease the potential for personal injury and/or property damage.
  • EFVs are not designed to close if a leak occurs beyond the gas meter (on house piping or appliances).
  • EFVs also may not close if the leak on the service line is small.

What might require replacement of an EFV?

  • EFV replacement may be necessary if you add an additional gas appliance, such as a pool heater or emergency generator that exceeds the capacity of the EFV. The additional gas flow may cause the EFV to close therefore resulting in the loss of gas pressure. If it becomes necessary to replace the EFV due to your gas load increasing an additional charge of $750.00 must be paid in advance for the replacement.
  • EFV replacement may be necessary if the EFV malfunctions (sticks open or closed.) Industry experience is that EFV’s rarely malfunction. If it becomes necessary to replace the EFV due to malfunction it will be replaced at no charge.

Additional Information:

  1. Additional information may be obtained by calling our office. @ 205-668-3511 or visit our website at www.calera.org under departments, click on Gas.
  2. For your safety, always call 811 to have gas lines and other underground utilities located before allowing anyone to dig in your yard.

For more information on excess flow valves and installation, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on EFVs.