Frequently asked questions concerning Excess Flow Valves (EFV)

What is an EFV?

An EFV is a mechanical shut off device, designed to shut off or minimize the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line is inadvertently dug into by a home owner or contractor during excavation.

Do I have to have an EFV?

No, you are not required to have an EFV installed.

Why are you sending me this notice now and never before?

Federal Safety Regulations recently changed the notification requirement. Notification is now required that each gas customer be notified of their right to request the EFV. This notice meets the new requirement.

Are you going to cut my gas off if I can’t afford to pay this?

No, your gas will not be shut off if you do not request an EFV.

Will this cause my gas bill to increase?

No, having an EFV installed will not affect your monthly gas bill in any way.

Why does this cost $750?

The cost of $750.00 covers labor and materials to make the installation.

How does having an EFV installed benefit me?

Shutting off or minimizing the flow of natural gas from a broken service line may decrease the potential for personal injury and/or property damage.

Example of an EFV